KROWN - a design label focussing on grown products, with the focus on mycelium based design
KROWN - products a design label focussing on grown products, with the focus on mycelium based design

Our products are freshly grown with our mushroom material, a customizable and sustainable engineered wood. We use waste fibers of dutch hemp which are bound together using a natural glue, mycelium, the threadlike network of fungi. This pure natural, safe and versatile material, without any additives, gives tremendous design possibilities and offers a broad range of applications varying from packaging, products, design interiors to architectural environments. As the first producing company of mycelium based products in Europe, we offer a range of products and can serve you in special requests on demand.

As seen on TV KROWN at 'Groen Licht' view now >
02.2017 KROWN was featured on the Dutch Television program 'Groen Licht' (Green Light), to bring awareness for this highly sustainable material and our Grow it yourself kits. Click here to view the episode: (Dutch)

METROPOLIS NY: 'Mushroom-Grown Light Shades Among Most Eco-Friendly on the Planet'
01.2017 KROWN was featured in METROPOLIS MAGAZINE New York, one the most respected and influential architecture and design magazine. Click here to read the article:

KROWN Launched at the Dutch Design Week 2016!
10.2016 We've Launched KROWN at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, as the first producing and selling brand with mycelium based products in Europe. Hooray!


Starting from €12,50- BUY NOW! >

NEWS (oct 2017): We're now selling besides the regular (small) GIY's, also big GIY kits! Containing three times its content! BUY NOW! >

GIY Kit: The succesfull Ecovative GIY kits are now available in Europe! This bag contains a magic mixture of stabilized mycelium and agricultural waste. A little flour, some drops of water, a hint of patience, and your mixture comes back to life! BUY NOW! >

We offer the GIY kit only, and in combination with a little and medium lasercutted D.I.Y. lamp shade, which you can grow yourself! The kit size is based on a regular postbox, so the majority of the packages can be delivered by bike.
Lamp shade for regular small lighting fixture (E14), maximum LED: 3 Watt.

GIY INSTRUCTIONS ONLINE! Download the instructions for your GIY kit here:
For more ideas, tips & tricks, examples and tutorials, please visit the Grow-it-yourself section at Ecovative.


Light shade. This lamp is grown with dutch agricultural waste and mycelium. Grown on demand; We'll start growing your lightshade as soon as we've received your order. Growing/delivery time: approximately three weeks. ⌀ 20cm, G9 LED lighting fixture (excl). GROW ON DEMAND >


Light shade: Shiitake Mushrooms. This lamp is grown with dutch agricultural waste and shiitake mycelium. The coloration and bumps are natural phenomena of the Shiitake mushroom, giving each light shade its own identity and expression. Grown on demand; We'll start growing your light shade as soon as we've received your order. Growing/delivery time: approximately three weeks. ⌀ 20cm, E14 LED lighting fixture (excl). GROW ON DEMAND >


Light shade: Oyster Mushrooms. This lamp hosts a colony of dried eco-certified Oyster mushrooms on the inside only. Grown with dutch agricultural waste and mycelium, and on demand. We'll start growing your light shade as soon as we've received your order. Growing/delivery time: approximately three weeks. ⌀ 32cm, E27 lighting fixture included. GROW ON DEMAND >


Mycelial POUF and TABLE, grown on demand. Glass tabletop is second hand and therefore variable. €650,- GROW ON DEMAND >

Our Story

How this all started and why its so important
Krown focusses on greenest and cleanest production method imaginable on the planet. We search for ways to produce while absorbing emission. Our revolutionary production process uses the power of nature to grow products. Fully renewable and compatible with nature.
'By using this infinite natural source of organisms as living glue for binding organic waste, once it's full-grown and dried, it turns into a structural, stable and renewable material, that can fulfill in our furnishing needs, and at the end of it’s lifecycle be used as fertilizer for our surroundings’.

Smaller and smarter cycles
Krown is a fresh design label for high performance and natural products that are safe and sustainable. We grow products of mycelium, the threadlike network of fungi, in combination with local raw materials to create a fresh collection with carbon absorbing abilities.

Most of our surrounding products are created through intensive industrial processes and transportation. We present a design label, that markets products that make the production cycle smaller, smarter and local. We grow our products in the Netherlands using bio-based materials and/or waste streams. Striving for a less plastic and oil dependent economy, the time is now to introduce new possibilities and bring alternatives to the surface.

How does it work?
We've searched for ways to use local resources, and implementing growth in the fabrication process. We 3D print our reusable moulds with a renewable biopolymer, and we can shred and reprint them over and over again in-house. These moulds are filled with local land-waste, a little water and mycelium that binds it all together. We only have to wait for the structure to grow and gain its strength, which takes around a week. Once it's full-grown and dried, it turns into a structural, stable and renewable product.

This production method can be applied in a broad spectrum of applications. With this new collective we present a fresh collection of furnishing products for everybody.

The material is literally grown, not manufactured. We use a growing organism to transform agricultural waste products like husks from dutch hemp, flax and corn stalk into a beautiful protective product that is safe and natural.

What good does it do?
The plant material produces oxygen during its life cycle, simultaneously binding CO2. Within our production process we try to minimise emission, opening its potential to create products with a negative 'carbon footprint'. Instead of wasting less, we strive to absorb emission.

After use, the product is fully compostable, and can be disposed without harming the environment. On the contrary, it will fertilize our surroundings!

mycelium certificates of our growers Our growers are certified with above certificates. For more info, please contact us

Anything is possible
The mushroom material properties and the look and feel of a product can be tuned to fit your specific needs. We can adjust mass, resilience and surface of the finished product. Contact us for special and custom requests.

Mushroom materials specs:
→ High performing
→ Cost competitive
→ Compostable
→ Renewable
→ Not derived from petroleum
→ Fire resistant
→ VOC free (Volatile organic compounds)
→ Insulating
→ Buoyant
→ Custom specs
→ Custom designed

Example of a fully compostable cool box, which we're currently developing, fusing the ecological and high insulating properties of mycelium.

Who is Krown?
Krown is a label from Ecovative Europe, a collaboration between:
→ Designers of the Unusual, (Eric Klarenbeek: Founder, Art Direction)
→ PDI packaging, (Jan Berbee: Founder, Sales, Management)
→ Ecovative USA, (Eben Bayer: CEO Ecovative)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is it possible to absorb CO2 through production? >
The base material we use to grow mycelium on is agricultural waste. This green waste has absorbed CO2 in its life cycle and converted that to O2. Our growing process consumes some CO2, but we strive to use less than the CO2 it has captured. Once you would decompose your product, CO2 would be released again, fulfilling the circle, so as long as you keep your product, you're storing its carbon dioxide. This makes it in its core different from fossil oil based products, being non renewable, only adding CO2 to our ecosystem, disturbing nature's balance.

How green is it? >
We focus on greenest and cleanest production method imaginable and currently available on the planet. The product we make is a regenerative material and proven Cradle to Cradle, with a C2C Gold Certificated on it’s Mushroom® Material already by ECOVATIVE . “Mushroom® Materials are a bio-based alternative to expanded plastic foams and other materials. Ecovative’s process uses mushroom technology to convert agricultural waste into a material designed to be home compostable. Mushroom® Material replaces EPS, EPP, and EPE plastic foam packaging parts to package and protect everything from servers to furniture.“
In the production of substrates, our producer in the Netherlands makes no use of chemical pesticides, also all our wood substrates are certified organic by the SKAL Foundation ( This results in a refined and unique product with EKO logo and/or European bio-logo.

How durable is the material; Is my product still alive? >
We dry our products under indoor conditions. Normally our indoor climate is too dry for mushrooms to survive, which stabilises the mycelial growth. It will last indoors, equal to comparable natural materials such as cork and wood. If you would leave it into a compost pile, it will naturally decompose. Depending on the type of mushroom it could theoretically be possible to bring back live into your object, but under normal indoor conditions this won't happen.

Can I eat my product? >
We currently grow mushrooms from two suppliers; Our substrate producer in the Netherlands and Ecovative USA. Both are technically edible, but its not adviced. The fibers from agricultural waste aren't easy digestible either. In case your products made from the dutch strain, and it would start to sprout mushrooms, you'll have ECO-certified Oyster of Shiitake mushrooms, ready to cook for a great healthy meal.

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KROWN - a design label focussing on grown products, with the focus on mycelium based design